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The Samsung A12 is an Android handset manufactured by Samsung Electronics. The handset has been announced in late November 2010 as a replacement for the popular Samsung Galaxy A11. The phone has a single quad-core processor with a 1 GHz processor core and 1 GB RAM in addition to several user-friendly features such as an inbuilt image processing engine, an Exmor P chip, an ARM processor, a Freemium USB driver, and an HTC Desire software package. It also ships with Android 8.1.

One of its highlights is that it offers users great value for money. Samsung has reduced the battery life of the phone to just six hours, while its brightness has been increased to over 500 cd. The device is also loaded with features that ensure it gives users plenty of entertainment options, such as the music player, the TV reader, the text reader, the messenger, the game pad, and the browser. In addition to this, the device is loaded with high-quality sound, a 3D effect, a virtual keyboard, and an infrared sensor. Apart from these, the phone also has a user-friendly operating system, a memory card slot, and microSD storage for additional storage capacity. samsung a12

The Samsung A12 also features a powerful dual camera setup, namely the Selfie cam and the Beauty Plus cam. This enables the user to take up pictures with both the cameras at the same time. The Selfie cam comes with a motion activated mode, which allows the user to capture photos without any sound. The Beauty Plus cam has a laser auto focus feature that ensures that you get clear photos. It also features a timer, a digital photo frame, and a shooting modes.

With the Samsung A12, you get to enjoy hands-free operation of the TFT display with the USB connection. You can also enjoy a performance-driven mechanism when it comes to browsing and reading e-mails on the Samsung Galaxy S. You get to enjoy fast web navigation thanks to the Webzen interface that helps you to surf the net with ease. You can also enjoy a gaming experience with the Super AMOLED Plus screen that offers vivid colors and sharp text clarity.

When it comes to entertainment, the Samsung A12 definitely scores big points with regards to this department. You can enjoy plenty of music, videos, and games on the phone. The device has support for MMS and MSG streaming, so you can send voice messages, video calls, and photos at the same time. You can also listen to your favorite music track through the FM radio feature of the phone.

The Samsung A12 offers a unique concept, which combines the power of mobile technology with that of a personal digital assistant. You can use the phone to access a host of features, which will allow you to work without actually going to a PC or laptop. Moreover, this device helps you to access important information even while you are on the move. All in all, this is an excellent phone that offers an innovative combination of multimedia features and superior performance.

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