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Will Smartphones replace the PC?

There is no universally agreed-upon definition as to what constitutes a Smartphone: for some, it is a mobile phone with operating system and other application software, for others, it is a phone with more capabilities and features than a standard mobile phone. No matter how you define it, this technological marvel has come a long way since IBM introduced the first Smartphone, called Simon, in 1992. In the 16 years since Simon was created, the Smartphone has evolved into a hybrid of a mobile phone and a PC.

From the start, these devices have been perfect for business travelers, making it possible to monitor email and keep track of appointments. Now, with Microsoft Windows Mobile software, one can have the convenience of the office on a Smartphone. Applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and of course, the internet can be accessed without the hassle of lugging around a laptop. Early versions of the Smartphone used handwriting or touchpad technology to send emails, but many models now come with QWERTY keyboards that provide more accuracy and ease of use. realme 5

In addition to the serious, work or school related features that make these devices so indispensable, most come with cameras, the capability to play DVDs and download music, and play games. Of course, of the growing number of available applications are not all about either work or fun and games. GPS Navigation software provides a level of convenience that many people find indispensable these days and, with so many features being added, having GPS Navigation software means much more than only finding one’s way around town.

The issue of security with Smartphones is an important one, given that so many business people use them. Currently, the devices are susceptible to hackers and vulnerable to viruses. Although some feel that these concerns are blown out of proportion by security providers, the industry is working on measures to make Smartphones more secure.

Another aspect that merits attention is the development of a variable geometry screen, which would be of benefit to many users. However, as the technology continues to explode, there will surely be new designs and features created to enhance the physical comfort and increase the efficiency of Smartphone users. Advances in the design and appearance of the device, along with more and more available software and programming options will surely increase the appeal of Smartphones to a wider audience.

Will Smartphones replace the PC? It certainly seems possible that, at the least, Smartphones will continue to grow in popularity. Their incredibly convenient size and versatility of design make them a favorite among business travelers, who tend to help dictate the direction of this wide-open area of technology. And, with the constantly growing availability of software applications, like Microsoft Windows Mobile and GPS Navigation systems, it would seem that eventually, there will be nothing a Laptop can do that cannot be accomplished with a Smartphone!

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